Friday, May 21, 2010

New Computer, Hooray!

I am so excited!  I have a new desktop computer! This computer is 7 years younger than my old one so I am really happy about it.  My old desktop would not even run the software that I use to make scrap pages. It would freeze every time I tried to use it for large size scrapbooking pages. Instead, I have been doing them those pages on my netbook!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my netbook.  I have had one for several years and it goes almost everywhere with me.  But, that said, my eyes would get very tired when I would work on scrap pages and other graphics. I was constantly zooming in and out while I worked.

To go along with the new computer, I also bought a pen tablet which came with updated graphic software. I already know that there is going to be a major learning curve for both the pen tablet and the software but I am hoping that all of this new equipment with help me boost my productivity!  Once I learn how to use it of course!

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